Nifty Tips to Improve Your Relationship

For Women:

  1. Stop criticizing him – praise the good stuff instead
  2. Give him more space
  3. Ask him for help with tricky tasks
  4. Don’t bracket him in with ‘all men’
  5. Adore his body

For Men:

  1. Appreciate what she does for you – regularly
  2. Enjoy her intelligence
  3. Respect her work
  4. Do housework
  5. Adore her body

Readers: Let me know if you have other tips for either men or women, and also tips that might apply more specifically to non-heterosexual relationships (not my area of expertise). I want the world to run more happily – and if we start with our own relationships, I think that work on our little microcosms could have a massive impact on the macrocosm of human relationships on a wider scale. No more wars because he cooked the dinner and she said it was delicious. Crazy? I don’t think so….

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