What happens in coaching with me?

I am a deeply attentive listener who will hold the space for you to tell me what is going on in your life and how you would like it to be different. Whether your problems are to do with work, love, family, health or something very specific, we can find a route out of deadlock. Firstly, we will establish an order of priority in which to deal with your areas of concern. Often, in attending to one or two crucial areas, other problems lessen.

Then, I will ask you questions to unpick your issues. My aim is for you to have fresh perspectives on your problems, and to gain new insights into how to dispel them or transform them. At times I will reflect back to you what you have just said so that you can hear your own thoughts and beliefs in their stark truth! I want to get to know you to the degree that it’s helpful for working on your goal or issue and no more (unlike therapy, this process is not about excavating trauma). At the end of each session, we will set a small number of manageable tasks for you to do, in an agreed time (usually before the next session) which will be positive actions to put into practise, with the aim of gradually improving (or utterly changing!) your situation. In the following sessions, we will discuss your experience of doing the tasks, and adjust or build on them with new tasks.

You can choose whether to commit to an agreed number of sessions or book session by session. In general, a few sessions are more helpful than just one or two because it can take time to establish new good habits and stop unhelpful ones, and because the relationship between us facilitates more good work as it deepens in mutual knowledge and respect. The effect of the coaching depends somewhat on you wanting it to work. You may discover from coaching that you don’t want to change as much as you thought you did! One thing I can guarantee is that coaching will help you to take charge of your life.

How? Where? 

I coach on Zoom or on the phone. In normal times, I love to meet in person or do walking and coaching – around a park or in the countryside is best – which I find stimulates thought and taps into greater well-being. But we shall wait for the pandemic to pass now…



I offer personal life-coaching for £65.00 per hour. For group coaching, costs per member will depend on overheads (room hire etc). For business or executive coaching or training which can have an impact on your whole business, please contact me. If you are on a low income, I will consider a swap of services e.g. your computer support for my coaching. Make me an offer!