‘Alison was a brilliant listener, allowing me to reflect on my life and where I might want to go next in a way that made me feel very supported. She gave me the encouragement I needed to embrace change in a period of uncertainty.’ Helen Pomphrey – Marketing Director

‘I owe you a MASSIVE thanks for your life coaching expertise, which allowed me to focus my mind and help me realise what I already knew! Your guidance and advice was so powerful that I could suddenly see the wood for the trees.’ Catherine Harvey – Small business owner

‘Alison has warmth, humanity and above all, a sense of humour! Coaching helped me to move forward rather than round in circles. I feel unburdened.’ Gerri Ellis – Web Designer

‘Alison’s coaching sessions have been a real blessing for me. She has amazing lateral thinking and has helped me to arrive at an ‘outside-the-box’ solution to my problems. She has a great sense of humour also and the sessions are always fun!’ Name Withheld

‘I loved my sessions with Alison and believe that she has really helped me overcome some issues that I didn’t even realise were holding me back. I am so much more confident, able to think about things and tackle them without worrying.’  Leonie Tichy – Lush Ltd

‘With a highly professional yet personable approach, Alison helped me to find insight into what I want and how to get it.’ Kate H. – Musician 

‘Alison has a knack of getting to the core of issues and is a great coach!’
John Reynard –  CEO and author of The Spiritual Route to Entrepreneurial Success

‘Alison provided very professional career coaching sessions for me. I can’t recommend her service highly enough.’ Gabi P. – Voluntary sector worker 

‘What I got was ultimately exactly what I wanted: a clarification of my true interests and priorities. We also worked on work-related stress, status anxiety, money versus job satisfaction and how I might go about promoting myself. Alison is very professional and structured, positive and encouraging, but also firm enough to get you motivated and doing things for yourself. Great sense of humour too.’ Paul W. – Artist 

‘Alison is such a delight to work with….(she has) extraordinary talents and skills.’ Ian Springer – Pharmacist

‘I found Alison very easy to talk to. She gives feedback in a warm and constructive way. She is flexible in her approach, allowing me to focus on concerns I have on a particular day, but also reminding me of my goals and summing up and reflecting back to me what I have said. Alison is an excellent life coach, who helped me in the six weeks that we spent together to set goals which helped me make life changes. Highly recommended.’          Lesley A. – Local Government Administrator

‘I found coaching a very useful experience; I am a very busy person with lots going on in my life and it was very valuable for me to have a dedicated time to think about how to improve my life rather than just steaming ahead and feeling out of control. Alison has brilliant listening skills and a positive calming energy. I found her very patient and thorough, taking time to understand and prompting me to investigate beyond the surface of certain thoughts or issues. I am now more conscious of my talents and my instincts, and I believe I can continuously make space to breathe, be creative and continue to sustain and enjoy a managerial role.

I am so grateful for Alison’s support and insight at a time when I lacked clarity and strength whilst struggling to manage my many commitments and wellbeing. I am now much more centred whilst I continuously lay the foundations to live a fulfilling and positive life.

Thank you for your time and dedication, Alison. I feel very humbled and grateful.
Louise W. – Head of Marketing