Potent Profiles

Make your dating profile really work for your love-life…

The modern way to find a partner is online dating. There are innumerable success stories of people finding relationships this way – and lots of poignant stories of online dating not yielding much at all. Maybe you’re procrastinating about leaping into this pool of potential mates?  Maybe you’ve signed up to a site but aren’t receiving many responses? Maybe the responses you do receive are way off the mark?

If you are feeling nervous about starting or are finding the quest more difficult than expected, you might need some support.

As a coach, I often see clients who want help with their love-lives. Sooner or later we have to address the matter of online dating. Of course, it’s still possible to meet people without it, but if you want to maximise your chances,  internet dating sites are worth investigating. No-one has to settle for the boy or girl next door anymore – these sites give us all more opportunities to find partners who can fit with our complex characteristics and needs.

There’s no getting away from the fact that the online dating world is a marketplace in which you must sell yourself to achieve success. Your selling tool is your profile. These vary in format from site to site but in essence comprise one or more photographs, a username with which you identify yourself, a headline to draw people in and a description of yourself, in which you talk about your personality, elements of your life-story, likes and dislikes and what you want in a partner.

I have researched hundreds of profiles and am surprised by their quality. From badly taken photos to poor grammar and spelling, from excessive clichés to tiny, uninformative descriptions, from profiles that are so modest they sound self-hating to ones that brag loudly about the writer’s brilliance, I have seen them all. The sad thing is that many of these people will be far more appealing in real-life than they appear in their own evaluations.

And you may be one of the them.

I can help you create a great profile. But I want to tailor yours to you – there is no one-size-fits-all for this. I have learnt from years of experience that in an hour’s coaching, I can discover a great deal about a client. With relevant focused questions I gather material that I use to write the profile your best self really deserves: attractive, distinctive and inviting. And, because I have listened attentively to you, and record our session, I write it using many of your own words and with the flavour of your speech.

In addition, as a former actor and presenter, I have had hundreds of photos taken of myself, and I have a practised eye with regard to all the elements that make a portrait work. I can give you expert feedback on your existing pictures. And if you want brand new ones, I recommend my colleague, Sue, a brilliant and lovely photographer (and my own chosen headshot artist!) who will deliver just the right pictures of you. Her photos decorate this page.

It’s time to find help in making a profile that brings the right people to you

The Options:

Profile Quick Fix You send me your existing profile, I’ll send it back with constructive comments on your photos and writing. £39.

Perfect Profile  We meet in person for an in-depth coaching hour in which I discover how to represent you best in a written profile. Within a week you receive a new profile to peruse and use. Plus three new suggestions for user names. Plus a new headline for your profile. Plus feedback on up to 5 photos. £149 (includes one free revision of profile).

Add a photo session:

Don’t let yourself be passed by because of poor quality pictures.

Sue Devenish-Meares takes flattering but honest photos: natural, relaxed shots that show your twinkly eyes, the lovely way you smile when at ease, your cool/sporty/chic/classic style – in essence, the very best you.

Sue says: “I promise that our shoot will be painless – I take great pride in making people comfortable and happy in front of a lens and aim to make the shoot fun for us both.”

Option 1: £225

  • Approx 1 hour shooting time in London N8 (closest stations Turnpike Lane tube/Hornsey national rail)
  • Pre and post shoot care, guidance and support for all your questions and doubts
  • 5 of the best images, lightly retouched, presented as both high-quality and web-ready digital files

Option 2: £375

  • approx 2.5 hours shooting time in a mutually convenient London location
  • Pre and post shoot care, guidance and support for all your questions and doubts
  • 10 of the best images, lightly retouched, presented as both high-quality and web-ready digital files

See www.suedevenishmeares.co.uk for more.

Some words from happy customers:

Alison’s profile was so much better than my previous efforts that I had much more confidence about putting it out there. It has attracted far more attention than I’ve ever had on a dating website, and I’m really pleased about the impact on my dating life.’ Nav M.

‘Sue has an innate ability to help people feel comfortable in front of a lens. Her strong and patient presence allows for the person who’s being photographed to take the space and time that they need to “do their thing”. I highly recommend her!’ Rosie E.

Get in touch with Alison on the Contact Page to make your new profile happen